Advancing the Future of
Health Science & Technology

We propel the risk takers, the gamechangers, the innovators. We focus on investing in ambitious and carefully curated health science and tech companies at Series A and beyond.


Mammoth’s team has proudly helped build companies that were acquired or merged with some of today’s leading world-shaping companies. Join us as we invest in the next round of founders, companies and life changing technologies.

The Venture Capital Partner for Companies Facing Complex Regulatory Challenges

Mammoth invests in companies with world changing technologies, proven intellectual property and founding teams with the grit to succeed. Our team, process and investment thesis guide our portfolios to maximize success and reduce the friction that can hold new companies back.

Mammoth - Venture Capital Partner - Healthcare

Unparalleled Healthcare Experience

  • Successful Physician Entrepreneurs
  • Expertise with Regulatory Requirements
  • Diverse Networks
Mammoth - Venture Capital Partner - Operations

Refined Operational Excellence

  • Business Model Refinement
  • Relational Coordination
  • Diverse Experience & Dynamic Insight
Mammoth - Venture Capital Partner - Fintech

Veteran Fintech Expertise

  • Proven Fintech Value Creation
  • Deep Networks with Leading PE Firms
  • Sophisticated Platform Architects


Formed from our own experiences as entrepreneurs, inventors, advisors, and investors, Mammoth believes that innovation funnels through entrepreneurs who bring positive, transformative change to the world. We exist for more than economic change, without losing sight of the bottom line.

Beyond Ideas

Our experience leading successful health science, technology, wealth management, and marketing companies guides our delivery of carefully curated, ambitious founders with world changing companies to you. As a result, they’ve moved beyond ideas into reality. These are the non-conformists whose actions are ready for amplification. These are the world-shapers. Their creativity will fundamentally change the way we live. These are the innovators who create technology to breathe new systems into existence.

Beyond Knowledge

Mammoth knows how to add value through data and advanced technologies. Our team expects to provide a deep functional understanding of health care delivery, contracting, private and CMS reimbursement and pathways, FDA, EU and data regulatory requirements, as well as informative data technologies. We offer our founders operational expertise through our strong relationships with leading physician, surgeon and financial technology thought leaders in the US and around the world.


The Mammoth Hallmarks

Mammoth operates with both the knowledge and wisdom derived from our uncommon past.


Mammoth provides portfolio companies with access to syndications and potential collaboration with future exit partners.


Our team has navigated the regulatory requirements of healthcare, financial technology and finance.

Lack of Time Pressure

Our methodology affords us the ability to make decisions not based solely on time.

Lack of Diversification Pressure

Mammoth is able to make large investments, only when they make sense, to keep our positions strong.

Relevant Focus

Covid-19 has brought needed attention to the importance of advancing health sciences and technology to overcome the challenges facing this modern world.


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