Kim Mackrill

General Partner

How Kim Drives Value to the Funds,
Founders, and Investors

Kim serves as the organizational integrator at Mammoth with a strong focus toward aligning the interests of the investment adviser, fund manager, investors, and portfolio company founders.

Kim creates efficient processes to conceptualize and develop compelling solutions for the problems facing businesses and their customers. She leverages her deep know-how to help portfolio companies integrate data and technology to help them deliver proprietary experiences to their customers. Kim also leverages her operational expertise to allow Mammoth lean operations, better aligning our interests with Fund Members.

Kim began her career in the nonprofit world and moved to a publicly traded company in 2005 where she coordinated joint marketing across a global sales team. In 2009, Kim opened a boutique design firm and began building technology and experiences for concierge medicine and wealth management firms.

In 2015, Kim co-founded Mineral Interactive. Kim led operations and strategy for the firm, creating marketing campaigns and digital products for many of independent wealth management’s leading fintech and wealth management brands. Kim’s work won multiple awards and eight of her portfolio companies went on to successful acquisitions and recapitalizations.

Kim achieved a strategic exit when Mineral was acquired by Carson Group in 2018, where Kim went on to lead marketing and client experience design. Her work there included an enterprise rebrand and ensured the design and delivery of a complete end to end digital experience across 100+ national offices and 30,000+ retail investors.

Kim graduated summa cum laude from Grace University in Omaha (BA). She grew up around the world through her family’s various stops as part of the assignments with the United States Air Force including Germany, Washington DC, Hawaii and Omaha.

In addition to her role at Mammoth, Kim also serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Milemarker.

Awards & Recognition

Winner of the Wealth Management Industry Award for Thought Leadership Advisor Education

Her financial firm was ranked by Financial Advisor magazine as the 15th fastest growing RIA with more than $300mm in assets under management

XYPN Fintech Competition Champion

Best Advisor Innovation, Fuse

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